EXID Members Give Update On Soljia��s Health And Discuss Their Past Year


EXID members gathered for a V Live broadcast on December 28 titled, a�?Please Do It In November a�� EXIDa��s End-of-the-Year Party.a�?

LE, Junghwa, Hani, and Hyerin appeared on the broadcast and talked with their fans about what they were up to in 2017. Hani also updated fans on Solji and said, a�?Solji is doing really well and is very healthy. She ate a spicy pepper again today.a�? The other three members echoed her statement and added, a�?Thata��s right. Solji is doing really well right now. Many [fans] are worried, but shea��s healthy and doing well.a�?

The EXID members also took time to express gratitude and say something to each other. Hani revealed, a�?I was really thankful we were honest with one another. I was thankful that each member honestly shared her thoughts and feelings.a�?

Hyerin commented, a�?What I want to say to the members is that Ia��m okay. After Solji became sick, many looked at me as if I suffered the most, but we all worked hard. Ia��m okay.a�? Junghwa added, a�?I was grateful that we spent this year fulfilling our individual roles. There were many difficulties,A�but I am really grateful this year went byA�safely. Our members really worked hard and I was thankful we were considerate of one another.a�? LE concluded, a�?This sounds repetitive, but I was thankful we cheered each other on and we worked really hard.a�?

When asked to choose their most memorable stage this year, EXID chose the Seoul concert as the most memorable. As a runner-up, Hani chose the time the members wore cherry costumes and went to a performance venue for the first time without Solji.

The members also discussed their album and solo tracks. They commented that Hania��s collaboration with rapper Hanhae was a�?coola�? but Hani replied, a�?Although Hanhae was there, I didna��t do it with my members so it was lonely.a�?

EXID members also had to praise themselves. Junghwa revealed, a�?Out of the 23 years of my life, this was the year that I loved myself the most. I highly value that.a�? Hani mentioned, a�?I figured out what I want and what kind of life I want to live through continuous self-reflection. I want to praise myself for that.a�? LE added, a�?I kind of lived a YOLO life like there was no tomorrowa�? to which Hani jokingly asked, a�?Dona��t you live like that when wea��re on a break as well?a�? and made everyone laugh.

At the end, the EXID members blew out the candles onA�a cake for having a safe year in 2017 and looked forward to a hopeful 2018.

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Some of the members of the KBS labor union who are currently on strike will be returning to work in 2018. To go along with this decision, a new episode of a�?2 DaysA� & 1 Nighta�? is set to air on December 31.

The labor union released an official statement on December 29 that read, a�?We have made the decision for producing directors (PDs) working in the variety and drama departments to temporarily halt their participation in the strike from January 1. They will be returning to their respectiveA�programs and making preparations to return to a regular filming schedule to make the transition smoother once the strike is officially over.a�?

They continued to add, a�?This decision was made to protect the rights and interests of our viewers, as well as to begin building a new future for KBS. Because of our fight, the power of board members who haveA�prolongedA�president Ko Dae Younga��s influence in KBS has greatly diminished and Ko Dae Younga��s termination from his position is nearing. Therefore, we believe we are now at a point where we must begin slowly preparing to return to a regular filming schedule for our programs.a�?

According to the labor union, the first program to return will be a�?2 Days & 1 Night,a�? which will return with a 10th anniversary episode on December 31. The KBS staff is also working hard to ensure a successful broadcast of the upcoming Pyeonchang Winter Olympics.

However, the labor union stated that though they will be putting a partial halt on their strike, this does not mean that they areA�decreasing the pressure theya��re putting onA�the KBS president. They stated, a�?If president Ko Dae Young is not terminated from his position by the fourth week of January, the variety and drama staff will stop their work and return to the strike. Our general strike will not end until Ko Dae Young is removed from his position.a�?

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Top Advertisement Models Of 2017 Revealed

Consumers have chosen their favorite advertisement models of the year 2017.

According to the Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporationa��s 2017 Media & Consumer Research results, this yeara��s most favorite advertisement model isA�Gong YooA�with 6.7 percent of the votes.

WithA�Gong Yooa��s hit drama a�?Goblina�? in the beginning of the year, he received many love calls from companies to advertise diverse merchandise from coffee to clothing. Ever since 2007, he has not ranked within the top three, but this year, heA�took the crown as the top advertisement model.

Song Joong Ki, who took first place last year, came in second with 6.5 percent of the votes. Third place was AOAa��sA�SeolhyunA�(5.6 percent) who received explosive support from teenage boys to men in their thirties.A�Jun Ji HyunA�(4.7 percent),A�Park Bo GumA�(4.6 percent), andA�SuzyA�(4.2 percent) followed behind with slight differences respectively.

The most memorable advertisement of this year was Gong Yooa��s commercial for the Kanua��s coffee product. SecondA�place was taken by Park Bo Guma��s advertisement for Dominoa��s Pizza, andA�Jung Woo Sunga��s SK Telecom advertisement won third place.

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2017 MBC Gayo DaejejunA�has confirmed two new interesting collaboration performances for the December 31 event.

First, BTOBa��s Hyunsik is set to perform a duet with his father Im Ji Hoon, a popular folk singer in the 1980s. Hyunsik has performed his fathera��s hit song a�?Reminiscencea�? while playing the guitar on variety shows before. Their special father-son stage is set to warm the hearts of viewers this winter.

Another interesting collaboration will be between rock band No Brain and girl group Lovelyz. No Braina��s vocalist Lee Sung Woo is already a well-known fan of Lovelyz, and he is set to earn the title of a�?a successful fana�? by performing on stage with the girl group at this yeara��s MBC Gayo Daejejun. TheyA�are said to have prepared a band version of Lovelyza��s a�?Twinklea�? that the members of No Brain arranged themselves.

These two special collaboration performances will be unveiledA�at the 2017 MBC Gayo Daejejun, which will be held on December 31 from 8:35 p.m. KST.

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