Kim Woo Bin Shares First Personal Update On Health Since Cancer Diagnosis


Kim Woo BinA�hasA�sharedA�a welcome update today on his improving health and current condition.

The actor took to his official fan cafe to write to his fans and began by saying, a�?I found myself holding my pen in midair and wondering for a long time about how I should start my letter.a�? He went on to say, a�?I wanted to write to you earlier, but Ia��ve been so focused on receiving treatment and taking care of my health that seven months have already gone by. To be honest, I think it took longer for me to write to you because even I would get scared every time my name would appear on search rankings. But I wanted to talk to you before the year ended.a�?

Kim Woo Bin said, a�?Thanks to your support and prayers, I have safely gone through chemotherapy three times and radiation therapy 35 times. During my treatment, I gained strength from the words of support that you posted on the fan cafe and on social media. I want to sincerely thank you for that. I have currently completed all of my necessary treatments and am currently going through regular follow-up examinations as I recover.a�?

He ended his letter with, a�?I think Ia��m going to need a little bit more time before I greet you all again. When I used to leave posts on the fan cafe, I always told you that your health comes first and that you should always take care of your health, so Ia��m a little embarrassed to be the one falling ill. I will take care of my health more and do my best to bring only good news in the future.a�?

Kim Woo BinA�wasA�diagnosed withA�nasopharyngeal cancerA�in May of this year and has been focusing on his treatment ever since. This is the first time in seven months since his diagnosis that the actor has personally provided an update about his health.

We are so happy to hear that Kim Woo Bin is doing better and we wish him well on his recovery!

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BTOB memberA�Yook SungjaeA�has injured his lower back.

On December 29, his agencyA�Cube Entertainment announced that Yook Sungjae will beA�taking a break fromA�activities due to his backA�injury.

a�?Our artista��s speedy recovery is top priorityA�right now, so he will inevitably not be participating in scheduled activities. UntilA�Yook Sungjae fully recovers,A�BTOB will temporarily beA�promoting as six members,a�? they added.

According to the agency,A�Yook Sungjae complained of lower back pain on December 27 andA�visited a hospital to undergo treatment.

We wish Yook Sungjae a speedy recovery!

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Jo KwonA�has a lot in store for fans!

The artista��sA�new agencyA�Cube Entertainment has announced that Jo Kwon will be releasing a new digital single on January 10. This will be his first new song in about a year and 11 months since he released a�?Crosswalka�? in February of 2016, and it will also be his first release since he moved from JYP Entertainment to Cube Entertainment this fall.

Jo Kwon has also shared the news of a collaboration with a mystery artist that has yet to be revealed!

In a V Live broadcast on December 28, Jo Kwon told fans he was happy that the news was out about his new single, and shared that hea��s been working hard at recording and had just wrapped up filming the photos for the release. a�?Ia��ve been focusing on musicals and my personal matters, but in 2018 Ia��ll be on television a lot and youa��ll see me singing a lot,a�? he promised.

Are you excited for Jo Kwona��s return?

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9 Things About WINNER That Only Inner Circles Will Understand

Ita��s been three years with WINNER, and no one can say it hasna��t been eventful. Despite plenty of drama,A�losing a member, and a whole lot of waiting, waiting, and some more waiting a�� Inner Circle and WINNER have stuck through it all. Inner Circles (InCles) are as dedicated to the four members as they are to music, and we wouldna��t want it any other way. Wea��re about as permanent as Lee Seung Hoona��s InCle tattoo.

a�?Ugly Ducklinga�? is the new HOT

WINNER may have debuted with a gigantic special edition album full of professional photos straight off a catwalk, but that doesna��t mean they felt like they a�?fita�? with YG Entertainmenta��s traditional bad-boy image. When Seung Hoon said the group felt like theA�a�?ugly ducklingsa�?A�of YG, it struck a bitter chord with fans. However, fans have always valued the group, even when they dona��t feel valued by the company.

Jin Wooa��s sense of direction


Therea��s an oxymoron for you: Jin Woo and a�?sense of direction.a�? Why? Because he doesna��t have one. We all face-palmed while watching Jin Woo leave the hotel in Japan to find the convenience store during WINNER TV. What shouldA�have been a 10-minute trip turned into several hours. Some people shouldna��t enter public spaces without a map.

Seung Hoon and pants


Seung Hoon could joke about expecting to lose money during promotions rather than earn any, and fans would probably believe it. After all, he has a history of ripping very expensive pants, sometimes during a broadcast, exposing hisA�underwearA�to fans. Ita��s probably a good thing that he wore baggy pants during a�?Islanda�? promotions.

Former memberA�Nam Tae HyunA�vs. Kyuhyun

If youa��ve ever watched or listened to Super Juniora��s Kyuhyun, you know hea��s a master of sarcasm and not someone you decide to take on in a word-sparring match lightly. Ex-member Nam Tae Hyun, however, delivered a rare comeback that stopped Kyuhyun in his tracks. On a March 2016 episode of JTBCa��s a�?Sugar Mana�? Kyuhyun commented, a�?a group called iKON is climbing upa�? to which Tae Hyun immediately responded, a�?EXO is doing well these days.a�? Therea��s no doubt about it, his quick-thinking lip-service as a WINNER member will be missed.

Here YJS is asking Kyuhyun, you said you were restraining yourself, why did you say that?A�

Caps translated is: Provoking, “A group named Ikon looked like they were really climbing up…”A�

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Those two characters in the little orange shape says e?�e�? which means provoking. So its clear its all in fun but Kyuhyun brings it up first.

To which Taehyun responds: “It seems like Exo is really doing well lately, right?”A�

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a�?We are not ATMsa�?

As InCles, we have become masters of patience. We waited a year for the group to debut, over year for a comeback, and another year before a�?Really Really,a�? all the while losing faith in YGa��s promises. However, the fanclub has come together twice to put their foot down.

First, we flooded YGa��s email server during first promotions afterA�the group was sentA�overseas, letting a triple crown on Mneta��s a�?M!Countdowna�? slip through their fingers. Then fansA�boycottedA�again when YG announced the release of WINNERa��s fan-meeting DVD (2015 WWIC in Seoul) with no future comeback in sight.

Both times YG responded, first by allowing the group to return to Korea the following week and win a third trophy on a�?M!Countdown,a�? and later by reassuring fans of the groupa��s comeback. When Inner Circles come together, they get results!

Seung Yoon putting WINNER first

Before debuting with WINNER,A�Kang Seung YoonA�had a promising start as a solo artist. However, once he re-debuted with WINNER, he briskly set aside his own aims and put the members first. When asked by CEO Yang Hyun Suk on WINNER TV if hea��d like a solo song on their first album, he turned down the offer and instead requested that another member receive the honor, as hea��d already had his chance. When the group came back with a�?EXIT:E,a�?A�a song penned by Nam Tae Hyun was used as the title song, while Seung Yoona��s composition a�?Immaturea�? was only used for a special stage during comeback week. His only solo releases since WINNERa��s debut have been OSTs. InCles are always grateful to have a leader who puts the group first and always supports his fellow members, even if it means standing back from the spotlight.

Seung Hoon goes on vacation; lands a second career

Song Mino and Lee Seung Hoon recently went on a trip to London, where they made a splash at aA�BurberryA�fashion show. Not only did they get the opportunity to go behind the scenes, but Seung Hoon also received an offer to model in London. Being style Iions since debut, leave it to WINNER to go sight-seeing overseas and land themselves a job offer.

a�?New Journey to the Westa�? and Song Mino

tvNa��s a�?New Journey to the Westa�? has been a blessing for Mino and his fansa�� but sometimes it isna��t always easy. For example, therea��s the time he lost a bet and had his head shaved on the show, making him a No. 1 search on Naver.

Mino may have lost pretty big on the show, but thanks to him winning another bet, WINNER received a special opportunity to appear on the showa��s upcoming spin-off, a�?Youth Over Flowers,a�? with the support of the staff and PD. Filming recentlyA�took place in Australia, and the members are just as excited as fans.



Like many InCles, when a�?Fate Number Fora�? was first announced, I was confused. Shouldna��t it be a�?four?a�? Was the first album since Nam Tae Hyuna��s departure really going to have an English spelling error? However, the group explained later that there was a double-meaning to theA�nameA�a�� first, there was the obvious intention of using a homonym for a�?foura�? to illiterateA�their belief that WINNER was now as it was meant to be a�� four members.

The second meaning is that the album was a�?fora�? many people, for themselves and for fans. Whether InCles have beenA�fansA�of pre-debut WINNER, original Team A to Team A on a�?WIN,a�? to five-member WINNER or four-member WINNER, wea��ve been through a lot together. An InClesa��s heart knows patience, love, hope, and courage. Theya��re willing to fight to protect the group and always show boundless support.A�The groupa��s double meaning to their album isA�a lovely message a�� that they were fated to be together. Perhaps we were fated to be InCles, too.

What do you love most about WINNER? Let us know in the comments below!A�

heytotoA�currently teaches ELL in Seoul, South Korea and can usually be found sipping a latte and hoping this a�?four-four-foura�� fan-theory is right so WINNER will have a December comeback.