SM Entertainment Has Released The Last MV Featuring Jonghyun


SM EntertainmentA�just released the music video for a�?Dear My Family,a�? featuring a performance including SHINeea��sA�Jonghyun.

The footage from the six-minute music video was taken from the companya��s SMTOWN live concert and will be the 38th and final SM Station song of the year.

Check out the full music video below:

Earlier in the week, SM Entertainment announced that the song will have a memorial theme and that all the earnings of this song will go towards UNICEF as charity.

7 Outrageous Lies That Shook The Korean Entertainment Industry

The most infamous lies ever told by Korean celebrities.

Celebrities will come under fire when a scandal occurs, and ita��s no surprise that they will attempt to cover up the situation in order to attempt to save face.

1Yoo Seung Juna��s military evasion


Yoo Seung Jun, mostly known as Steve Yoo, was an American K-Pop star who was very popular following his debut in South Korea in 1997. On television, he had repeatedly say he would serve his two year mandatory military enlistment, which every Korean male citizens between the age of 18 and 35 must complete.

a�?Of course. Ita��s my duty and ita��s been decided so I plan to follow it.a�?

a��A�Yoo Seung Jun

However, in 2002, just prior to his enlistment, he became a naturalized U.S. citizen, thus evadingA�his Korean military services. As a result, he was deported and banned from entering South Korea. In 2015, he made an appearance in an online live streaming through AfreecaTV revealing his side of the situation back then, eventually getting on his hands and knees begging to be allowed in the country again.

2Kim Sang Hyuka��s DUI


Click-Ba�?sA�Kim Sang HyukA�was caught drinking and driving in 2005 and was forced to stop all of his activities after being charged. However, during a broadcast, he publicly denied being under the influence while driving.

a�?I drank, but it wasna��t a DUI (drinking under the influence).a�?

a��A�Kim Sang Hyuk

3Shin Jung Hwana��s gambling


Shin Jung Hwan is a Korean singer who debuted inA�Rooa��raA�andA�Country Kko Kko, but is mostly known as a comedian entertainer. He has frequently been caught gambling, which is illegal in South Korea. He was first caught in 2005, prompting him to step down from all of his shows, however he returned a few months later and regained popularity.

In 2010, he failed to show up at one of his scheduled recordings. At the time, he explained he had been in the hospital in the Philippines and was being treated for dengue fever. However, it was later revealed that he had been gambling in the Philippines, and had lost his passport and all of his money.

4Huh Gak burger story


Huh Gak boasted on an episode ofA�Happy Together 3A�that he once ate 30 hamburger combos in a single sitting, adding that it took him less than an hour to finish. Thata��s just simply impossible.

a�?I had thirty 3,000 won sets.a�?

a�� Huh Gak

5Seo Taijia��s secret marriage

Seo Taiji is perhaps Koreaa��s most legendary singer and producer. But in 2011, it was revealed that he and actress Lee Ji Ah had married in secret, but eventually divorced. The news of their secret marriage sent waves through the industry.

6Kim Hyung Joona��s DUI

Yet another case of DUI, this time by singer Kim Hyung Joon. Originally, his agencyA�KeyEast EntertainmentA�issued a statement saying that the actor was just moving his car. However, it later came out that he was driving for nearly 15 minutes before he was arrested.

After the information was made public, the company issued an official apology.

a�?We did not intend to make excuses for his wrongdoing. We made an explanation based on what we had confirmed at the time. As we previously stated, he acknowledges his mistake of drinking and driving and is reflecting.a�?

a�� KeyEast Entertainment

7Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyoa��s Marriage

When rumors first started that formerA�Descendants of the SunA�co-starsA�Song Joong KiA�andA�Song Hye KyoA�were dating, both artists and their respective agencies strongly denied the claims.

There were even photos of them in Bali at the same time, sparking rumors that they were on an international vacation together. Despite all of the rumors and claims, they never confirmed they were dating. However, the two announced their engagement and are now happily married.

Korean Teenagers Anonymously Share Their Deepest Secrets

They revealed their deepest secrets anonymously.



a�?When I put on makeup, I pretend that Ia��m a celebrity on a�?Get It Beautya�� or live broadcast. I say things like a�?Hello~ Everyone Ia��m shooting for the jacket cover of our new comeback album~a��. Sometimes I practice the reaction of winning 1st on a music showa�� lol sh*ta��a�?



a�?When I went to volunteer somewhere I met a guy 1 year younger than me.

I kept asking him out, got his number, and even sat next to him on the bus ride home. But in the end, we didna��t contact much often and I forgot about it.

My friend recently asked for his number and I gave it to her. I shouldna��t have anything to say about it, but I hope it doesna��t work out hahaa��

My frienda��s very pretty. I dona��t think Ia��ll be dating in my lifetime. I dona��t know how to talk to guys.a�?


grifulvin on line.


a�?Ia��m a pervert. Ia��m not a lesbian, but I really like womena��s boobs. I just love boobs.

I grope my friendsa�� boobs just for a�?funa��, but I secretly enjoy it.

My friends all hate porn and dona��t understand why it exists. I say I agree with them and talk sh*t about it, but I actually watch porn every day.a�?



a�?I told my mom that I wanted to transfer schools for academic reasons, but honestly speaking, I wanted new friends and a new life. Of course, studying had a little to do with it, but it had more to do with starting new.a�?



a�?Ever since a long time ago, my friends and family would always say that Ia��m very pretty even from an unbiased perspective.

But when other people say Ia��m pretty I act like I dona��t know and say Ia��m ugly.a�?



a�?I love music but I pretend I have no interest in it because Ia��m embarrassed about my hobbya��

I keep it a secret from people around me and even my familya�� Ia��m just too embarrassedA�to reveal it.

Even though people say I have a decent voice, Ia��m still embarassed.a�?



a�?Ia��m a girl and I have a girlfriend. I even went all the way with her. My parents know I have a girlfriend but they dona��t know we had sex.

I also smoke and drink with my friends.

The sex with my girlfriend was also bad. I knew right away that she was a virgin, but I pretended not to know.a�?



a�?I honestly like men, but people think ita��s weird to be gay, so I pretend to be the type of guy whoa��s just not interested in datinga��

Whenever I see a good-looking guy or even an average guy, I fix my bangs and my eyes are naturally drawn to them.

But in front of my friends, I pretend that Ia��m not interested.a�?



a�?Ia��m not bragging, but my family is probably the richest family in all of my school. But I dona��t say anything because I enjoy watching a girl in my class stupidly brag about her wealth.a�?



a�?I always scream a�?gay sex!!!!!!a�� on Twitter every daya�� I also draw, so I have more than 1,000 followersa�� lol

I think my parents and friends will freak out if they ever found out.a�?